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Group Companies

  • A visual of retail group that includes Adel, McDonald's, Ana Gıda and Anadolu Bilişim photos

Retail Group

The Anadolu Group manages its businesses in the pens and stationery, fast food restaurant, and tourism sectors under the Retail Group.

In the pens and stationery sector, Adel Kalemcilik, which was working together with the world famous writing and colouring instruments producer Faber-Castell, began its activities in 1969. Adel Kalemcilik turned this cooperation with Faber-Castell into a partnership in 1995, and is currently the largest producer of pens within its region, and has a 13% share of the production in Europe.

The Anadolu Group has been operating as the licensee of McDonald's, the 4th most valuable brand in the world, since 2005. McDonald's, which serves more than 60 million consumers every year with more than 250 restaurants and 6 thousand employees, acquires almost all of the products it offers from within Turkey, contributing added value to our country both in terms of the workforce and the market.

Efestur, which has been operating as a member of IATA and a group A travel agency since it was established in 1984, continues to provide services in the fields of travel and event management. Efestur works in harmony with every department; from corporate events to foreign and domestic hotel reservations, from visa application transfers to foreign and domestic flight tickets selling.