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Group Companies

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Other Companies

Anadolu Etap:
Anadolu Etap, which was established in cooperation with Anadolu Group, Özgörkey Holding and Brazil-based Cutrale Group in 2009, became one of the leading companies in Turkey with 7 orchards, 3 fruit juice production factories processing 175,000 tons of fruits annually and 1 fruit packing house in a short time. Anadolu Etap, which has over 2500 ha and 3.5 million trees as of 2015, created the certified fruit concept, Turkey’s first fruit brand “Doal”. Anadolu Etap is carrying on its activities with the strategy of being one of Europe’s leading fruit juice producers and fresh fruit companies and provides service its customers around the world.

AND Real Estate:
AND Real Estate, which is an affiliate of the Anadolu Group, has taken inspiration from the deep rooted history of the Group, and began its activities in November 2011, in order to present the most suitable office solutions for the requirements and expectations of organisations, with a planned and professional approach.

AND Real Estate, which continues to grow at pace, with the aim of being one of the most important organisations in the areas of “real estate development, investment and management”, will carry users to the “peak in business life” with the AND project – its first project, which it has developed with the “always modern” concept, and where the foundation was laid in April 2014.

Anadolu Bilişim Hizmetleri:
The Information System Coordinatorship  whose foundations were laid in 1983, began to provide services to companies outside the Anadolu Group in 2001, and became incorporated under the name Anadolu Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. in 2004. Anadolu Bilişim, today provides project management, consultancy and outsourcing services in many varied areas from the improvement of work processes to their optimisation, with its date centre services and ERP applications from among manageable services. Anadolu Bilişim, which put a data centre which is compatible with Tier-III standards, into operation in Maltepe, in 2011, is providing data centre services to more than 50 thousand corporate users in 15 countries.

AEH Sigorta Acenteliği:
AEH Sigorta Acenteliği (Insurance Agency) which was founded in 2008, meets all of the insurance needs of group companies. AEH Sigorta, which is the representative of the top 9 insurance companies in Turkey, provides services in 10 different sectors. AEH Sigorta which has won 15 awards in 6 years, is continuing its rise with sure steps.