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Energy Group

The Energy Group performs the activities of the Anadolu Group within the energy sector.

The Anadolu Group strategically aims to be a part of this sector, due to the fact that the energy sector, which started to become more liberal in the 2000’s, is among the markets which are developing and growing at pace, both in Turkey and neighboring geographical regions.

Within this scope, The Energy Group began its activities within this sector in 2005 and continues its investments with the mission of making the sector one of the important sectors of the Anadolu Group, subject to adding value by being respectful towards the environment and the people, and to establishing a sustainable energy generation portfolio.

In line with this mission, it is aimed to establish a competitive and balanced electricity generation portfolio within the energy sector, and to be among the front runners of the pro-active, dynamic and reliable groups within the energy market.

As the first investment in the energy sector, the Aslancık Dam and Hydroelectricity Power Plant, with an installed capacity of 120 MW, which has been undertaken jointly with the Doğan and Doğuş Groups, has become operational in March 2014, after 4 years of construction period.

The 90 MW installed capacity Paravani Regulator and Hydroelectricity Power Plant in Georgia, construction of which began at the start of 2010, start to operate in September 2014. In the history of Turkish Republic, this is the first investment that uses the natural resources of a neighboring country to fulfill energy demand of Turkey.

As well as the Paravani Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant, there are other renewable energy projects being developed in Georgia, particularly in the area of hydroelectric power plants.

AES Electricity Wholesale & Trading Company manages the trade strategies of the generation companies of Anadolu Group and performs the trade activities of electrical energy, according to market conditions since 2014.

In the future, The Energy Group will continue to develop renewable and base load energy power plant projects with respect towards the environment and the people, both in Turkey and in the international markets.