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Group Companies

Migros Group

Having its roots in 1954, Migros Ticaret A.S., has always been a pioneer in Turkish retail sector. By the end of September 2016, with its 21,403 employees across 1575 stores in 72 cities in Turkey, Kazakhistan and Macedonia, Migros is getting even closer to its customers by opening 194 new stores in nine months as well as through the rising popularity of Online and Mobile Shopping offered by its brand Migros Sanal Market. Migros, by appealing to the minds and the hearts of its 1,750,000 daily customers, makes a significant difference in the retail sector with the fresh products, economic prices, priviliged services and the wide range of assortments.

Migros has become reference point for fresh fruit and vegetables with the “Good Agricultural Practices” launched for the first time in the retail sector, for fresh meat with its recently opened meat processing and packaging facility and for fresh chicken with “Good Animal Husbandry Practices”. Migros is the only food retailer in the ‘BIST Sustainability Index’ three years in a row, with its pioneering steps at environment, human and good living issues in its sustainability practices. Migros also takes place among the CDP Turkey Climate Leaders with its climate change action plan.