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Beer Operations - Anadolu Efes

Anadolu Efes is carrying production and marketing of beer, malt and non-alcoholic drinks throughout a wide geography including Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Europe, Middle Asia and Middle East countries. Anadolu Efes founded in 1969 and today products of Anadolu Efes are now consumed in more than 70 countries around the world.

Anadolu Efes, leading the beer sector in Turkey for many years, made a breakthrough in 90’s which might be considered as a turning point, and expanded overseas. Extending their operations for commercial sustainability in the international market, Anadolu Efes increased power by establishing strategic partnerships. As a result of this steady growth, in 2012, Anadolu Efes became the second biggest beer producer in Russia and the company was ranked as “investible” by two different international rating agencies.

Today, Anadolu Efes stands on as a multinational company realizing 70% of its beer production abroad. As of 2016, Anadolu Efes, Europe’s 6th and world’s 12th beer company in terms of sales volume, is among foremost players in their territory with 15 breweries, 6 malt factories and 1 hops processing facility in 6 countries including Turkey.

Anadolu Efes always aims perfection in quality and operational performance, and carries out production activities considering priorities for sustainability. Anadolu Efes was among signatories of UN Global Compact in 2011 and of UNGC The CEO Water Mandate initiatives in 2014, and was included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2013 becoming the first and the only Turkish company ranked among the index. The company addresses its sustainability practices under the scope of “Anadolu Efes Positive Impact Plan” and reports these practices every year in accordance with GRI reporting standards. Anadolu Efes also listed in Borsa İstanbul’s (BIST) Sustainability Index for November 2015 and October 2016 period with their sustainability activities performed in its wide operating geography.

With the responsibility of being considered as one of the values of Turkey and utmost sense of treating social responsibility among its priorities, Anadolu Efes bears the responsibility to be a corporate citizen since its foundation. Under the scope of social sustainability, Anadolu Efes on the one hand creates sustainable models in agriculture and tourism and supports local development, and on the other hand contributes to social and cultural development through its works in significant fields including theater, cinema, and sports.