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Investor Relations

Our Principles

The duty of conducting the regular, easy to understand and correct supply of information between our publically traded companies and the existing and potential investors and other stakeholders in Anadolu Group is undertaken by our investor relations departments, which carry our communication with all of our stakeholders, based on both the framework stipulated in the legislation and the examples of best practice from abroad.

Our investor relations departments play a leading role in the protection and facilitation of use of the rights of stakeholders – in particular the right to obtain information, as well as in the implementation of corporate governance principles in a manner which is consistent with the dynamics of the company.

Our fundamental applications in investor relations have been developed based on the principles of transparency, equality, and acting proactively.

Acting Proactively
The effective and two way communication with existing and potential investors and our proactive approach are important components of our investor relations activities. The feedback received from investors is shared with senior management and thus opportunities are created for contributions to the relevant points of the business plans of our companies.
In order to ensure that stakeholders are informed about the company in the best possible way, as well as the information which is required to be shared within the framework of the legislation, importance is placed on the preparation of enriched annual and periodic activity reports, investor presentations and websites.

Emphasis is paid to bring the senior management of the company together with the existing and potential investors of the company in various environments during the year, with the purpose of ensuring that the company strategy is explained in the best possible way. The access to the companies and transparency is increased significantly with analyst meetings, one-to-one meetings and conferences / presentation tours.
As also contained in our disclosure policies, the principle of treating all stakeholders and investors equally is implemented in full. Content possessing the same information reaches everyone in the correct manner and at the same time. The information requests of stakeholders concerning transactions which are not open to public at that time are also evaluated in line with this policy and permission is never given for announcements which have not been announced to public previously.